The data platform for sustainability
in the supply chain

Goodbye manual desktop research, spreadsheets, and siloed data efforts! Responsibly is your way to scalable, repeatable supplier sustainability analysis and monitoring. Quickly analyse ESG risks, compliance, and maturity in order to drive impact across your organisation.

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Sustainability should be as easy to track as price

Automatically centralize data across the full data landscape, and evaluate every supplier on sustainability

Automated data pipeline

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Use our intelligent engine to transform the Wild West of data and standards into a tailored evaluation

Tailored evaluation scope

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Track changes over time, manage activities, and engage your suppliers to improve

Monitor and improve your supply chain

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Pre-fill profiles, recognize past evaluations, and empower suppliers to manage data across customers

Supplier friendly engagement

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Automatically centralize the full supplier data landscape in one platform
Automated data pipeline
Tap into the full data landscape from certificates to disclosures and news coverage. We're connected to all public databases and crawl unstructured sources like supplier websites and sustainability reports
Aggregate public data
Centralize and connect existing data feeds, upload past surveys and reports, and give your team a system to add observations from supplier visits and engagements
Synchronize internal data
Leverage and understand prior evaluations completed for other stakeholders, and only engage the supplier on relevant topics, and only for data not found elsewhere.
Target data requests
Tailored evaluation scope
Monitor and improve your footprint
Supplier friendly engagement

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