With great procurement power comes great responsibility

Responsibly was founded with one singular focus: to make every purchase in the world responsible. We believe that there's a global force for change locked inside the world's procurement departments, and our mission is to build the technology infrastructure to enable every procurement hero to source responsibly at scale.

We are Responsibly

Thomas Buch Andersson
Founder & CEO
Jacob Vous Petersen
Founder & CTO
Christian Hjort Lauritzen
Lead Engineer
Daniel Stanila
Lead Engineer
Emil Kofoed Braunschweig
Benedikt Franke
Michael Wax
Ferry Heilemann
María Garai Díaz de Lezana
Business Development Lead
Magali Medinger
Sustainability analyst
Radu Nicolae Homorozan
Data Manager
Oleksii Levan
Senior Software Engineer
Adelina Burlacu
Sustainability Analyst
Zhenia Barsukova
Senior Software Engineer
Natalie Wopereis
Sustainability Analyst
Andrea Ramsbacher
Responsible Sourcing Consultant
Hope Jeter
Product Manager

Thanks to these amazing backers, our journey has only just begun!

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