The supplier data pipeline for responsible sourcing

Goodbye spreadsheets! Goodbye siloed data efforts! Eliminate the complexity of supplier evaluation, and empower your procurement teams to leverage their purchasing power for good!

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Say goodbye to siloed supplier data

Streamline your supplier data pipeline and reduce admin costs.

Procurement teams

Responsibly for

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Monitor and set KPIs for your supplier mix performance.

Sustainability heroes

Responsibly for

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Save your suppliers time.


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Connect your data to procurement and sustainability teams worldwide.

Data providers

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Streamline your supplier data through one centralized pipeline
How it works
Move away from complicated spreadsheets, and collect all data sources whether external or internal, paid or free, in one streamlined pipeline
Connect all data sources
Evaluate your suppliers holistically. Collect all risk and impact parameters in one pipeline, and produce a holistic supplier profile
Centralize all parameters
Eliminate complexity and let Responsibly interpret every data source, so your suppliers can be uniformly compared and assessed
Harmonize everything
Responsibly for procurement teams
Responsibly for sustainability heroes
Responsibly for suppliers

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