The supplier data platform for responsible sourcing.

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Holistic overview of every supplier

CO2 footprint. Financial risk. Diversity. Cyber Security. Human rights. Logistics risk. You name it. Get a holistic overview of all suppliers in one place

Tailored to your procurement policy

Everybody defines responsible procurement differently, digitize your procurement policy to compare suppliers on your terms

Transparency across data providers

Remove the administrative burden of comparing ratings between suppliers, We leverage AI to harmonize the data and make different standards comparable

For procurement professionals

Responsible sourcing decisions require good data

Responsibly shows you which providers have data on your suppliers, and how that data compares with your procurement policy. It’s a one-stop portal to buy and/or access your data. We make sure that data is harmonized to your policy, and between providers, so you can comfortably make sourcing decision and lower your scope 3 emissions. 

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For data providers

Good data needs an audience

Whether you have 1,000,000 companies rated or just a few hundred, we help put your data in front of an audience. Responsibly is a distribution platform for supplier data. We improve your offering by making it compatible with complementary data, and allows you to see how your ratings compares to others.

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“We’re on a mission to make every purchase in the world responsible. With great sourcing power, comes great responsibility” 
Thomas & Jacob, co-founders of Responsibly