Pet crickets and human rights

Pet crickets and human rights
April 4, 2023
2 min

Please meet our awesome Business development lead María Garai Díaz de Lezana. The ultimate productive and busy biz dev, here are some more facts you should know about María. 👇

What is your professional background? 💼

I started my career as a Human Rights consultant at United Nations and I got very interested in the intersection between the public and private spheres and how companies had an immense potential to contribute to ESG issues. Then I switched to Procter and Gamble, where I work as a purchasing manager and sustainability ambassador for Gillette. It was a remarkable experience that taught me about how responsible sourcing can create a positive ripple effect in the industry, but also about the challenges that procurement professionals face when evaluating the impact of their supply chain.

Fun fact about yourself?

My parents didn't let me have a dog when I was a child, so instead, I collected half a dozen of crickets as pets. I gave them a name, put them in small cages, and fed them lettuce I think the noise was so annoying that I ended up getting a dog. 🐕

Favorite movie/music?🎶

My Spotify is full of music lists for every mood I go through and country I've lived in or visited. Now that I live in Lisbon, I've created a new list of Portuguese songs that I can't stop listening to!

Favorite memory? 😊

I have a great memory of every trip I've done. Either with friends, family, or solo traveling I like the feeling of being somewhere new, ready to discover what the place and its culture have to offer.

Why do you like working at Responsibly? 🌎

At Responsibly, what is good for the person is good for the company, which means that the person's needs, career interests, values, and overall well-being are taken very much into account to ensure your growth and the company's. There is a very healthy, balanced, and collaborative culture that I treasure a lot.

Written by
Arbër Musliu

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