How our data pipeline works for our customers

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Step 1

Suppliers added

Add suppliers automatically by synchronizing with your procurement system, upload them through .csv, or add them one-by-one. Suppliers are then cleaned, enriched with unique IDs, and synced to our global supplier database so we can identify which providers have data on them.

Step 2

Responsible sourcing profile defined

Responsible sourcing means different things to different companies and even to different teams within companies. We allow you to customize the topics you evaluate down to a procurement category level, or let you pick from expert-defined policies, like the UN Global Compact. We work with all information parameters across the responsible sourcing spectrum, including impact-related parameters in Human Rights, Sustainability, and Diversity, and traditional risk parameters like financial risk, logistic risk, and cyber security.

Step 3

Public data processed

Publicly available data that matches suppliers is identified and processed. Responsibly continuously searches the internet for any information that has been made publicly available, and ensures that information is leveraged when evaluating your suppliers.

Step 4

Premium data processed

Responsibly is data provider agnostic, meaning we'll read and interpret any source out there, whether through api integration or .csv upload. Onboard any source you use today on our platform, or search and buy from sources that will increase your data coverage directly in Responsibly.

Step 5

Supplier responses processed

Responsibly interprets the RfI responses from your suppliers and ensures they are leveraged in the holistic evaluation. We can integrate and read from the supplier platform you use today, or we can host the questions on our supplier portal so your suppliers can answer them directly in Responsibly.

Step 6

Data is harmonized and collated

When we onboard a data provider, we determine what sub parameters are evaluated and how. That information is used by our algorithms to harmonize the data between providers and collect it into one uniform pipeline per supplier.

Step 7

Suppliers are scored

Responsibly calculates customized performance scores according to your responsible sourcing policy. We allow you to pick exactly the parameters you want to optimize for, and then evaluate how the suppliers perform according to these.

We also help you understand what data coverage you have per supplier and parameter evaluated, as well as the confidence you can have in the evaluation - not all data is the same, and an audit will provide more assurance than a self-assessment. Scores are calculated according to customer’s policy and external reporting frameworks

Step 8

Output and actionate

We don't want to change your workflow, so whatever procurement system you're sourcing in or interacting with your suppliers in today, we can integrate synthesized scorecards into them.

On our platform you can drill-down on your categories and individual suppliers, to access the detailed information, and see precisely how suppliers compare. We also analyse the information to provide intuitive dashboards on how your overall supplier mix is progressing, so you can benchmark and set targets for improvement.

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