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Host your data on Responsibly and improve both your customers' and suppliers’ access to it, while making it compatible with complementary sources. Hosting is free, and you decide whether it is open for all to access or requires a premium subscription. We ensure data is cleaned and connected to a unique supplier ID. You still own the data, and can configure what happens to it.

Hosting your data

The procurement technology is fragmenting, and it can be expensive to connect your data to the multitude of systems your users require - especially if you’re a non-profit organisation! Leverage our APIs and infrastructure, to ensure your data can be accessed wherever your users are requesting it.

Connecting to APIs

Good data needs an audience. Make sure your data is leveraged where needed, either to increase the utility, or as a new distribution channel. At Responsibly, our users can see who has data on exactly their suppliers, providing a hyper-relevant channel for you to get in touch with new customers/users, and ensure you have the maximum impact.

Exposure to new users

At Responsibly, we have some of the world’s leading data and machine learning engineers. Join our programs to train algorithms on data across providers, and uncover the predictive power of your data.

Empowering your data with intelligence

Data is often difficult to share because of the lack of interoperable data formats and standards.

Mikael Lind
Associate Professor & Senior Strategic Research Advisor,

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