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Empower your procurement teams with responsibility intelligence.

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No more platform hopping. Deep-dive on the holistic profile of your suppliers across all impact and risk dimensions. Compare suppliers even when rated by different sources. Customize intuitive scorecards to your sourcing policy.

Holistic scorecards

Evaluate any data out there. Synchronize proprietary data subscriptions, or access publicly available data. Read supplier uploaded data, or upload your own. Responsibly reads, interprets, and harmonizes any data source, so you have the best possible view of your suppliers, while keeping survey-fatigue at a minimum.

Flexible data feeds

One-size does not fit all. Procurement works in categories and so should your responsible sourcing team. Tailor your supplier impact profile and information requests, track performance and manage your data mix all on a category level.

Category-driven management

Did we say no more platform hopping? We meant it. Responsibly is not another sourcing workflow tool. We integrate with whatever procurement software you use today, so you always have your synthesized risk and impact information available when interacting with your suppliers.

Integrated sourcing decisions

Many companies simply do not know where to begin – engaging a fragmented supplier base, with limited data visibility and seemingly conflicting procurement priorities can seem like a mammoth task.

Rich Lesser
Global Chief Executive Officer,
Boston Consulting Group

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