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So your company has announced to reduce scope 3 emissions by 2030? Track the performance of your full supplier mix across all impact parameters evaluated. See where you have data, where you don’t, and how confident you can be in that data. Set and track KPIs for specific categories or for the company as a whole, and stay updated on performance towards those goals.

Supply chain impact tracking

Want to communicate your supply chain progress, but don’t want to greenwash? Output KPIs in accordance with GRI and other reporting frameworks for your sustainability reporting. Communicate highly concrete developments, like how many suppliers switched to renewable energy or how many minority-owned suppliers you added.


The biggest impact is unlocked when your procurement team includes impact parameters proactively in their sourcing decisions. Empower procurement with holistic, customized and intuitive scorecards across impact and risk criteria. Set KPIs and measure how category managers are performing. Integrate with existing procurement tools so they always have the data available when needed.

Impact-driven purchase decisions

Reducing the company’s carbon footprint alone is not enough – enabling supply-chain emission reduction is a must-do.

Anirban Ghosh
Chief Sustainability Officer,
Mahindra Group

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